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A Little Less Contemplation, A Little More Action

Palafox Pier on Sunday Morning - capture of Vivian grin

Like most people in their twenties, I had fun in those years and didn’t work too hard.  I dreamed away the first thirty years of my life with no regrets.

After I entered the third decade however, I began to want more.  I began to contemplate less and take more action.  My head floated down from the clouds and my feet found their way to the ground, ready to leap.

I used to let ideas fly around outside of me but not implement them.  I had an excuse.  I was too busy.

Now I write down the ideas as they hit me.  I even have to pull over while driving at times to capture the big notion.

I keep the suggestion close by for a few days and jot down thoughts about it.  How could I make this work?  Who can I talk to about it?  What steps should I take to put a plan in motion? I ask myself these things as I determine if it’s a feasible project or task to undertake.

In the past I would overthink and over-analyze my inner voice.  I’d put me through the wringer before I even gave myself a chance to try on a pair of wings.

Finally I realized that a bit less contemplation and a little more action was needed to go in the right direction.  What’s the worst that could happen?  I could make a mistake.  I could try but not obtain what I wanted.  I could reflect on the bad things after they happen instead of worry so much beforehand?

Are you thinking too much?  Are you waiting for the right moment?
It doesn’t always exist.  Sometimes we need to just do it, take action and make it happen.

For example:

My co-worker said, We should really do this ____.
Let’s do it, I say.  Start the plan and let’s go.

I need help with this, my friend pleads.
How can I help? I offer.

Mommy, could we go here ____?
Yes sweetie, let’s go.  Why not?

I need your advice, a colleague says.  Could we meet for lunch?
Absolutely I say.  Give me some dates and times.

I admire that person and want to know more about her.
I’m going to reach out and set up an opportunity to meet.

My husband wants to schedule more intimate time for our family.
I look up two new restaurants, schedule a dolphin cruise, and make a date.

I want to eat healthier and make time to exercise.
I bulk cook on the weekend with foods I feel good about.
I schedule in short fitness routines.

I hear a team member complain about an office policy habit.
I remind that employee to problem-solve or find a way to make it better.

My oldest daughter makes a snide remark to her sister.
I remind her that if her words are not kind or helpful, she should keep them to herself.

After a gorgeous walk along the pier taking in the bay sights and sounds,
a man began cutting grass and blowing dust all over the place.
Still I choose to be grateful for the peaceful time I had with my family.

We have choices.  We can take action.
We can contemplate or regret later.

But we’ll never know what will work and what good may come unless we do…unless we go, try, speak, dance and smile.

Go do something.  Don’t just make plans.  Don’t just write a to-do list.  Do the things you are yearning.

Stop reading this and go have a little fun.

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