Writer’s Rights, Let Me Read them to You!

I draw most of my inspiration for my writing from real people and real experiences.  From things I witness to conversations I overhear to the hilarity I spy in my own home, nothing is sacred.

I may turn around and write about you.  Therefore, I believe it’s time I read you your “Mrs. Mandy Warning” or otherwise now renamed my Writer’s Rights.  Here goes:

1. You have the right to remain silent.  You’re probably better off that way because… (see #2).

2. Anything you say or do may be developed into a character within my story or screenplay.

3. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to me as an eager author always looking for real-life material to use in my writing.

4. But seriously, don’t waste time with a lawyer.  She or he cannot protect you because I will appoint your qualities into the most hated or beloved (depending on my mood) character that everyone will be talking about from the writing.

5. If you decide to question my writing, without any else present, then it’s just your word against mine.  Besides your character can be killed off or reincarnated into the crazy pet.

6. Knowing and understanding these writer’s rights of mine is important.  You have no rights when it comes to my imagination and my ink pen pressed into paper or my fast typing skills.

Now that I’ve explained these lack of rights to you, I’m off to write…possibly about you….

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