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Flashbacks, Flashdance and Just Dance

My mind is a scattered machine these days. Life has held non-stop action between visitors staying with us for two weekends in a row, my new job with its transition and training, and the anticipation of what is coming (my book…I’m waiting for an update from the publisher). Also, we are planning to put our home up for sale in a few weeks and look for a new one in the area.  Plus, there are school activities, a birthday party, and an upcoming health screening to bench mark the year ahead.  And a Gilmore Girls reboot is coming too!  It’s a wonder I can even spell my name correctly!

So what is on my mind, then you ask? Well I think you asked anyway…

I have been having flashbacks.  These random snippets of kid moments like myself as a love struck teenager, a scene from my college days throwing out dorm room items and past Halloween costumes I wore too.

Why? Why is my head all over the place? Gee, I don’t know!

Do you think I understand my own mind? No, not really, not most of the time…

Perhaps my brain is avoiding political commentary? Perhaps it just cannot handle any current events.

Instead it wants to live in my childhood era. I have had a lot of flashbacks to movies from the 80s.  From Adventures in Babysitting, to Flashdance, to Sixteen Candles, to Breakfast Club to Teen Witch, I can recite most scenes verbatim.  I haven’t watched these films lately but here they are now moon-walking and blues-singing into my brain.

Speaking of dance, I played the Just Dance game with my girls over the weekend. Each of us took turns selecting songs and the Xbox Kinect watches us groove and scores us on our moves and accuracy. Talk about a workout!  If you do all the hand and leg gestures 100%, this is the only workout you need for twenty minutes a day.

Is it sad that I take pleasure from beating out my eight year old and four year old in this game?  Mommy still has the moves girls!  Or this game lets her think she does!

The good thing about all this flashing and dancing is that I find myself smiling. I remember something or someone from the past and it brings me joy.

My current life is really amazing.  I’m so blessed.  I even stopped to literally smell and appreciate roses over the weekend on such a beautiful fall day. But it’s also nice to have these bursts of mental reminders from my past helping remind me of who I was, sometimes still am and how far I’ve come and still wish to go.

I hope you have a few flashes of mental fun.  Or hell, go flash someone and make their day!  (Not a police officer though!)  Or do a dance, make a little love, get down tonight…

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