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A Place of Contentment (a poem)

A place I have missed visiting
A place I once tried to push away
A place I slipped from furiously
A place for simply another day

A place I thought unworthy
A place I didn’t appreciate
A place I deemed trivial
A place to almost hate

A place to prevent growth
A place to stump my mind
A place not on the road ahead
A place to leave behind

But now this place is all I want
This place for me to be
A place I underestimated
A place I now clearly see

This place is called contentment
This place is currently ease
This place is simple joy
In this place I do what I please

This place is me in a balance
This place is enjoyment now
This place is me feeling blessed
In this place I proudly take a bow

Why did it take so long
To find this place called content
It was beside me all this time
Whispering, giving me a hint

I thought I needed more
More challenge, more everything I said
Yet now I just want to dwell here
No more looking back or ahead

Stay close by contentment
I adore having you around
Revealing the real magic
Of love, life and joy abound.

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