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Detours and Plan B

Today is Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday. Today is the day I thought I’d be selling my children’s book in local retailers for #ShopSmall and #ShopLocal.

I had it all pictured in my mind. Friends and family would come by to pick up their copies. Maybe I’d even sign a few of them. I’d introduce the talented illustrator and the people involved in making the book possible.

But delays have occurred. I’m waiting to hear the latest update on my book, if it’s printed yet or not? I hope I hear the details of its whereabouts and release will be shared soon.

It should still happen. We signed off on that final proof? I have photocopied images of the ISBN number and copyright pages. I just don’t know when exactly I’ll have the copies in my hand…

This does upset me a little. I was disappointed especially last week when I knew my best intentions were not going to happen.

But I’m doing what big girls (and boys) must do… accept that things don’t always go according to the original plan, move from Plan A to Plan B.  Because this book, like many things in life, is beyond my control.

I must take the detour instead of the road I mapped out for my journey. I will see where the new path leads me.

Perhaps I’ll discover something fun along the way. I’m trying to be open. I am thinking optimistic thoughts.

After all, many events from over the past decade have not gone the way I expected them too. Choices I made, things I said and did, were not what I imagined. Sometimes it was a good outcome. Other times I wonder what in the world I was thinking?

Yet here I am still going, finding my way. So I take this detour. I’m rewriting the plan.

And when it’s revealed and clear to me, I’ll be sure to share it. That way, I can work on Plan C after that!

In the mean time, I will go out and celebrate other local people and their successes. I give shout outs to my incredible writing friends who have taken some big leaps this year: Sarah, Dana and Leanna to name just a few!  Cheers to each of you in your published work, new writing adventures and achievements!

Today is about other people, not me. I raise a glass to the ordinary people, working diligently and dedicated to creating extraordinary things.  And cheers to back-up plans and life’s detours too!

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