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My New Puppy’s Top Ten Greatest Hits Album

Our puppy saga continues. The adventures can be described lately through song. In fact in the two short weeks we have welcomed Tiberius “Ty” in our family, I have composed a greatest hits album of puppy classics. They include a good mix of R&B, Country, Pop, 60’s classics, dance and rap. Please see the artists that have inspired me to make this album. Read the title and then sing the tune out loud to fully appreciate the musical mix we live daily now.

Album will be available next year for the Holiday special…

My New Puppy’s Top Ten Greatest Hits:


  1. Stop Sniffing My Butt Now, Before You Make Me Gag, Think It Over…
    (The Supremes, R&B)
  2. What’s He Chewing Now? Tearing the House Apart
    (Garth Brooks, Country)
  3. Oops, He Peed Once Again, On My New Clean Floor, I Shouted His Name, Oh Baby, Puppy (Britney Spears, Pop)
  4. Dragging You, Licking Me…
    (Neil Diamond, 60’s Classic)
  5. What’s That Smell Ty, Don’t You Vomit Up, No More, No More, No More, No More
    (Ray Charles, Soul )
  6. At night time I don’t like my crate, So I’m gonna’ howl like a crazy ape, Cuz I am a howler type dog, Yes, I am a howler type dog
    (Gwen Stefani, Rock/Pop)
  7. Listen all of ya’ll, I’m a Sabotage, Listen all of ya’ll, I’m a Sabotage!
    (Beastie Boys, Hard Rock)
  8. Furry Baby, He’s no Lady…
    Like or not, we play Music, man…
    Hold Me Closer Furry Dancer (Elton John, 70’s)
  9. Watch Me Run, Jump
    Watch Me Pee-Pee (Silento, Dance)
  10. You better lose your mind in the house now, you bought me
    You own me, you better never let me go
    You only need one dog, do not get another puppy
    This opportunity comes once in a lifetime… (Eminem, Rap)

There you have it. Our puppy’s greatest hits. I hope it has you moving and grooving today!

Now go sing and dance with your pets or any people who will let you do so.


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