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Writing Lessons from a Writer

I recently had the privilege of speaking to a group of 50 teachers for the National Writing Project conference at the University of West Florida. I delivered an hour long presentation on my writing background and experiences writing as a child. In addition, I shared how I came to write the book Kazoo Makes the Team and my thoughts on corporate and creative writing. Best of all, I had handouts with more than thirty writing exercises that educators can take back to their classroom.

The whole experience was extraordinary. It was a defining moment as I realized that I had reached that goal in my life as a writer and it was now my turn to give back to others. Doing this helped me to combine all my writing, Toastmasters, and childhood experiences into one big teachable moment. It was validating and very reflective for me.

I have a published book. I have a dream job that I love with a great group of people.

Bucket list items, two of them, are checked.

How lucky am I? Very! And I don’t forget that.

Now my hope is to inspire and encourage other future writers. I want to share what has worked for me, what I do that helps me continually create writing content and what I do with my own children to spark creativity.

I created a 21-page handout for these teachers. But if anyone wants to see it and share it, I welcome it. Write to me at if you want a copy of it.

Good tips should be shared. Especially when it comes to writing and speaking. Those are two of the most critical things that people need to go far in life and be successful.

So please write. Just keep writing. Write in many ways. Let me inspire you and help you.

And thank you to everyone who has helped shape me and encourage me in my writing journey. I’m only just getting started…with no plans to slow down.

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