Author Q&A

When did you begin writing?

I wrote my first poem at age ten. I entered it into a school contest. It tied first place with another contestant. Since then I have loved writing and telling stories.

How long did it take to write your children’s book?

Writing the story took one month. Editing it took another month. The illustrator worked for several months on the book to bring the words to life visually. Two months prior to publication, I added the educational elements – closing discussions questions and early learning activities. Every piece included in the book has a thoughtful purpose behind it.

What other things have you written?

I write a monthly column in the Greater Pensacola Parents magazine. Each month I have a new theme but they center around helpful, fun family tips for parents. (June 2016 to Present)

I have articles in Tallahassee Family Magazine (Spring 2016 and Summer 2016).

Maximize the Most of Your Time, an article on time management in Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast Magazine (August 2016).

Making Small Talk Matter article featured in the Pensacola News Journal (December 2015).

In addition, I have been published in Women in Higher Education, Florida Small Business Development Center, Pensacola magazine, Simple Marriage, Northwest Florida Daily News, Pensacola News Journal, Natural Awakenings of Northwest Florida, Studer Community Institute, Gulf Coast Parent, Houma Daily Courier and countless other publications.

Have you been on television and radio?

Yes, I have appeared on Blab-TV, Pensacola Speaks radio show and Pensacola Business Radio to share my tips for families, advice for business owners, promote community news and to share stories about my writing endeavors and competitions.

What writing awards have you won?

My short story Spit Tour won the July 2015 Ominverse Short Story Fiction Contest.

My short story Permanent Vacation won the 2015 Summer Magnolia Quarterly Contest within the Gulf Coast Writers Association.

I was a Fall 2013 finalist in the Humor Press Writing contest with my piece Days of the Week.

What presentations and seminars do you conduct?

I speak on women’s leadership, self-empowerment, business sales, how to put your small business in the media, creativity in the workplace, Disney films as inspirational parenting tools, TED Talks as a way to give better speeches, and other relevant themes. My goal is to facilitate practical, fun and helpful conversations. I remain active in my Toastmasters group where I have earned a competent communicator designation.

Who have you presented for with your training?

A variety of places and organizations – local chambers of commerce, United Way non-profit groups, monthly networking groups, military men and women, elementary schools, university classes and writers groups.

What do participants think of your presentations?

Comments include:
Mandy is…
passionate, moving, funny, helpful…
your class led me to give a sales pitch and I’ll be featured in the newspaper for it next week…
your advice is causing me to take more action my life…
you inspired me to take up my writing again…
excellent topic and designed handouts…
wonderful, engaging, discussion…
thought provoking topic and useful support materials.

How can you be reached for more information?