Kazoo Makes the Team

Being a supportive fan is just as an important as being on a team. Players need the encouragement from those who watch their game. In this story, Kazoo becomes mascot of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos baseball team. Readers will feel all the joys and sadness that Kazoo endures. Educators can incorporate lessons from the book using discussion questions at the close. A vocabulary-building page is also included. We can all learn from Kazoo’s journey of handling a difficult situation. He found his own unique approach to make the team. Kazoo is a Blue Wahoos member because of his special talent, his character and his integrity. This book will inspire people of all ages to dig deep within themselves to be the best fans possible. The books are now available at The Bodacious Shops, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and Bubba’s Sweet Spot.