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Pick and Choose the Advice That Fits

A few days ago I had a one-on-one meeting with a very influential, powerful female leader. I respect her immensely. We talked casually and openly.  I shared my aspirations, current graduate school studies and future career ideas. This leader gave me her no-filtered, blunt advice. She does not hold back. I appreciated that. But as she …

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Bee-lieve in Local Business Impact

Over a year ago I wrote about Bee movie and how bees may be small creatures but their contributions to our community make a huge impact. The film I saw with my children was the perfect metaphor to describe how important the contributions are that small businesses make in our economy.  Today I had the great …

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On Being Resourceful

The best compliment I ever remember receiving is when a roommate (or suite-mate like we called it) in college told me I was resourceful.  Yes, resourceful.  Not words like beautiful or sexy or kind or generous.  But resourceful. Why was (and is) this such huge flattery?  Well for one thing, this praise came sometime between …

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