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Flashbacks, Flashdance and Just Dance

My mind is a scattered machine these days. Life has held non-stop action between visitors staying with us for two weekends in a row, my new job with its transition and training, and the anticipation of what is coming (my book…I’m waiting for an update from the publisher). Also, we are planning to put our …

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Culture | Work

The Right Culture for the Best Community

I started a new job this week. My first day consisted of an all-day orientation and training. The words I heard the most for the first two hours were “culture” and “community.” I work for an organization where culture is the thing that is valued most. This is because that culture affects the entire community. …

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Personal Growth | Work

Ask for Help and Self Promote

I gave the invocation at my Toastmasters group meeting last week.  This part of the meeting is designed to be inspirational and set the tone.  A few days prior to my delivering this 1 to 3 minute speech, I gathered my thoughts.  What did I want to say? I thought about a helpful meeting I had with …

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Pick and Choose the Advice That Fits

A few days ago I had a one-on-one meeting with a very influential, powerful female leader. I respect her immensely. We talked casually and openly.  I shared my aspirations, current graduate school studies and future career ideas. This leader gave me her no-filtered, blunt advice. She does not hold back. I appreciated that. But as she …