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Detours and Plan B

Today is Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday. Today is the day I thought I’d be selling my children’s book in local retailers for #ShopSmall and #ShopLocal. I had it all pictured in my mind. Friends and family would come by to pick up their copies. Maybe I’d even sign a few of …

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Writer’s Rights, Let Me Read them to You!

I draw most of my inspiration for my writing from real people and real experiences.  From things I witness to conversations I overhear to the hilarity I spy in my own home, nothing is sacred. I may turn around and write about you.  Therefore, I believe it’s time I read you your “Mrs. Mandy Warning” …

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Only Takes One

Only takes one… One word One expression One smile One thought One heart One beat One resolution One you One me One million odds One world One love One step One leap One push One fight One victory One moment One pause One breakthrough One tear One laugh One life One blessing One chance One gift One need …