From Girl’s Dream to Woman’s Reality: A Published Book

Mandy Fernandez anticipates launch of first children’s book

Pensacola, Fla. – September 28, 2016 – Author Mandy Fernandez just signed the final proof of her anticipated children’s book. The book is going to press this week.  A box of first copies should arrive on Mandy’s doorstep within the next month. For the public, the book will have a release date in November.

Mandy first came up with the idea to write the children’s book last February 2015.  She met with Quint Studer, businessman, visionary, mentor and co-owner of the Blue Wahoos baseball team.  She pitched the idea to him to write an adventure about the Blue Wahoos team, particularly, their mascot Kazoo.  Quint liked her idea and encouraged her to write it.  From February to May, Mandy wrote and edited the story, developing a rhyming scheme with an important life lesson.

After Mandy shared the written story with Quint, he then paired her with local illustrator Andy Marlette.  Andy brought the story to life with his drawings.  The illustration process took several months.  Andy shared pieces of the story with Mandy along the way.

“It was amazing to watch my story come to life and to be involved in the creation process,” said Mandy Fernandez. “I could not have asked for a better illustrator than Andy to work with on my first children’s book.  He knew exactly how to draw the important elements in the story and vividly capture the facial expressions of Kazoo, causing readers to feel all the emotions I had hoped to convey in my words.”

Mandy has also been involved in researching the book, working with the agent and publishing company, developing a marketing plan and brainstorming ideas on how to engage the community with it.  “Being included in all aspects of this has been incredibly fulfilling. I’ve learned so much and I have an even greater respect for all persons involved in the journey of going from a first rough draft to a completed book in hand,” said Fernandez.

Since she was a young girl, Mandy’s dream was to write and publish a book.  She calls it a “bucket list item” that she will soon cross off.  At ten years old, Mandy  discovered her passion and talent for writing.  Now as a grown woman reading books to her two kids, Mandy has come full circle.  She cannot wait to share the book and its message and educational components with the entire northwest Florida community and beyond.  Updates and book launch events will be shared soon.



    Carol Calfee

    Mandy, I enjoyed reading your poem about contentment. I had to chuckle a little because contentment is my current struggle. You captured my emotions perfectly. Thank you

    Carol calfee

    Mandy, Have you ever thought about becoming involved with a local nonprofit? We have an small, all volunteer, board of directors for an organization named Child Guardians. We meet once a month in Pensacola. Our primary mission is to raise funds to meet the needs of children who have been abused, neglected, and abandoned. If you would like to know more about our group, please feel free to message me back. By the way, 98 - 99% of our funds go directly to children. We are a small group that does a lot of good! Carol

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