About the Author

Mandy Fernandez writes with passion and determination. Even when she’s written all day for work, she winds down her day with other writing projects. She’s also a public speaker, project manager and editor. Mandy loves to perform her work by bringing words to life through presentations and speaking to groups. She believes good information should be shared. Mandy enjoys entertaining, educating and encouraging. She grew up in a small Cajun town in South Louisiana but now resides in Northwest Florida with her husband, two daughters and book shelf full of stories she’s waiting to read. Mandy has a Bachelor’s degree in English and is not afraid to let real life experiences influence her articles, characters and public speaking engagements. She describes her style as a balance between realism and idealism.


“Mandy is an excellent speaker. She varies her voice, pauses when appropriate and clearly enunciates during her presentations. I’ve seen her give several speeches and each one has been tremendous and dynamic. Even better than that though is her ability to lead a project. Mandy coached us on speech tips, from topic to opening, from gestures to closing. She wanted us to be our best and I went to her repeatedly for guidance. Each time she was responsive with thoughtfulness and respect. I highly recommend Mandy for speaking, project management and any employer needs. She is a go-getter who can make things happen with a positive attitude and true dedication.”

Carl Shackelford

Founder, Owner, PSI & A1 Barcode Systems

“Mandy was a regular monthly columnist for Simple Marriage. Her unique voice and ability has been an asset for my audience as she has been a champion for great marriages in her words and her spirit. She is a gifted writer.”

Corey Allan

Director of Simple Marriage