April Poem a Day Challenge

I am always up for a new challenge.  I have been known to even create my own challenge in the past.

When I saw that Writers Digest is having a Poem a Day (PAD) Challenge for the entire month of April, I thought…Hell yes, I’m doing this!   The contest encourages all participants to write a poem using the daily writer’s prompt every day in April.  Random poems will be selected and a few winners may be published in an anthology next year.  How cool would that be?  AMAZINGLY-COOL!


I won’t be able to post my poems daily here on this blog but I will recap them at least once per week.  I will start with day one now. Then you’ll have to come back in a few days to see what else I’ve written.  Will you accept that challenge?  🙂

For Day One (1) – We were told to write about Resistance
This is no April Fool’s joke either. 

Hmm, resistance…I meet with a lot of resistance in my life.  I resist hitting the snooze button.  I resist urges like an extra helping of chocolate candy.  I resist saying something that I may regret later to a co-worker.  For this though, the first thing that came to my mind is my children – how they resist me and I resist them back.  I only had about fifteen minutes during my short lunch break to come up with this poem that I submitted (below).


Here is my PAD poem #1- MOTHERING

I turn away for a moment
Can I hide my contempt?
She is ready to give up
After only two try’s
She grunts and moans
She sobs and whines
The little things overtake her
Then they unnerve me
Any new task
Always a struggle
Since she was born
And today at age 7
I resist the urge to help her
She needs to learn on her own
From tying her shoes
To riding a bicycle
Such a daily conflict
As moms, we want to help
But they must go solo
We cannot always protect
So I become mean
I tell her not to give up
I’m not giving up
She must prevail————————————–
Until the next time I post, go ahead and “poem your heart out.”  Write a poem or read poetry daily.  Your heart and soul will thank you.

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